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Climate Change Results

NARCCAP is now Open-Access

Registration is no longer required for access to the NARCCAP dataset. Anyone can download NARCCAP data from the Earth System Grid data portal. (You will still need an ESG account.)

Timeslice Climate Change Plots

Plots for the GFDL-timeslice have been updated, and plots for the CCSM-timeslice have been added. Both experiments now have three RCMs for comparison: Timeslice Results.

New Data as of October 2012

Recently-published data includes 3-D variables from both HRM3-grdl runs; a number of missing 2-D variables from the MM5I-ccsm runs, as well as 3-D data from the MM5I-ccsm current run; and multiple variables (2-D and 3-D) from both runs of the CAM3 timeslice experiment.

MM5I-HadCM3 Climate Change Plots

Plots showing downscaling of seasonal climate change for the MM5I-HadCM3 runs are now available: MM5I+HadCM3.

NCEP Bias Plots

We have added plots of the seasonal average bias vs observations in summer and winter for the NCEP-driven runs. Also available are plots of the variance ratios between simulations and observations. (Figures are taken from the forthcoming BAMS overview article.)

4th Users Workshop and Data Tutorial

Presentations and materials from the 4th Users' Workshop are now available. We also have a video of the introductory data tutorial webcast on April 12, 2012.

Scatterplots and Climate Change Maps

We have updated the Seasonal Climate Change Maps page to cover all ten of the completed RCM-GCM pairings, including the newly-published HRM3-GFDL run. We also have created Scatter Plots that compare the regional climate change results for each of the Bukovsky regions.

Bukovsky Regions

NARCCAP scientist Melissa Bukovsky has developed a regionalization of the simulation domain, which we will be using for regional analysis of results. Descriptions, maps, and mask files are available here.

New Data Published as of March

All data from the CRCM runs is now available. All 2-D data (Tables 1, 2, and 3) from the GFDL-driven runs of HRM3 have been published as well. Finally, all of the 2-D data from the current run of ECP2-GFDL can also be found on the ESG data portal.

New seasonal climate change plots

ECP2-GFDL, WRFG-CCSM, and WRFG+CGCM3 can be found here.

New Data for October, 2011

  • CRCM cgcm3-current, Table 5: all variables, secondary pressure levels
  • HRM3 hadcm3-future, Table 5: all variables except cli, clw
  • RCM3 ncep, Table 1: all variables except sic
  • WRFG cgcm3, Table 1: all variables

We have also added individual files that were previously missing:

  • wa_WRFG_ccsm_p*
  • ta_WRFG_ncep_p*

New Datasets Available on ESG

CRCM, all runs except ccsm-current, Table 3. CRCM ncep, Table 5. ECP2 gfdl-current, Table 2. HRM3 hadcm3-current, Table 1. MM5I ccsm, Tables 2 & 3. WRFG ncep, Table 5. WRFG cgcm3, Table 2. Check your emails from the narccap-announce mailing list for specific details and variable information.

3rd Workshop Materials are available

Posters, presentations, discussion notes, and pictures from the 3rd Users' Workshop are now available.

New Topic Pods

Topic Pods are collaborative discussion groups based on specific subjects of interest. These various groups are able to customize their space by adding threaded discussions, datasets, preliminary results, and useful tools. Be on the lookout for emails regarding topic pods.

Discussion Mailing List

The discussion mailing list is a great way to reach out to other NARCCAP data users for any data usability questions. The mailing list is moderated by NARCCAP staff.

New CRCM, WRFG, & MM5I Data

Many new variables have been published on ESG for the CRCM+CCSM and WRFG+CCSM runs. 3-D table 5 data from the NCEP-driven MM5I run is also available. The CRCM+CCSM folder on the toplevel NARCCAP page is now active.

3rd Users' Workshop

The 3rd NARCCAP Users' Workshop will take place April 7-8, 2011, at NCAR in Boulder, CO. Preregistration is now closed

New Climate Change Plots

Plots showing downscaling of seasonal climate change are now available for two new RCM-GCM combinations: CRCM+CCSM and MM5I+CCSM


NCEP-driven data for WRFG Table 1, Table 2, and Table 5 is now available on the ESG dataportal. The 3-D (Table 5) data is complete on all pressure levels, and includes geopotential height.


Data from the CCSM-driven runs of CRCM and MM5I is now available. MM5I files include all of Table 2 except rsds, plus some Table 3 variables. CRCM is temperature and precipitation only.

Table 4 Data

Data for static variables is now available on the NARCCAP website: Table 4 Data. Elevation, lat/lon coordinates, and the land/sea mask are available for all models; others will be forthcoming.

More Climate Change Plots

Plots showing downscaling of seasonal climate change are now available for two more RCM-GCM combinations: HRM3+HadCM3 and RCM3+CGCM3

2nd Users' Workshop

The 2nd NARCCAP Users' Workshop took place September 10-11, 2009, at NCAR in Boulder, CO. View workshop materials

Climate Change Plots

Plots showing downscaling of seasonal climate change are now available for two RCM-GCM combinations: CRCM+CGCM3 and RCM3+GFDL

New Guidance Materials

Information about the emissions scenario, the time periods covered, and the driving AOGCMs has been added to the About NARCCAP section of the website.


Step-by-step instructions for how to extract NetCDF data to plain-text format using Windows-friendly tools: ASCII Howto

First regional climate change data now available

Data from the present and future runs of two of the GCM-RCM combinations (CRCM+CGCM3 and RCM3+GFDL) is now available on the Earth System Grid.

NCEP climatology plots

Seasonal climatology plots for the NCEP-driven runs and for observed data are available.

NCEP Table 2 data available

Data from Phase I runs for variables from Table 2 has been archived and published. More details.

First Users Workshop

Feb. 14-15, 2008, at NCAR. Agenda & Presentations

PI Meeting at AGU

Dec. 11, 2007, in San Francisco.

Phase I Modeling Complete

All 6 of the RCMs have been run using NCEP data. The resulting datasets are currently being formatted, checked, and archived.

Experiment 0

Spatial domain tests performed in 2006 determined the best domain size. More details.

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