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April 7-8, 2011


Barsugli: Does Dynamical Downscaling Matter for Climate Change Adaptation on the Colorado Rriver

Bukovsky: Special Topics in Evaluation of Phase 1: The North American Monsoon

Caya: CRCM Overview 2011

Dibike: Analysis of NARCCAP Multi-RCM Hydroclimate Scenarios in the Lake Winnipeg Watershed

Gutowski: MM5I Overview 2011

Gutowski: Results from NCEP driven RCMs - Overview based on Mearns et al BAMS 2011

Kunkel: NARCCAP and National Climate Assessment

Leung: WRF Overview 2011

Li: Quantification of Uncertainty in High Resolution Temperature Scenarios for North America

Mahoney: Further Dynamical Downscaling of NARCCAP: Using WRF High-Resolution Simulations of Extreme Precipitation Events in Future NARCCAP Climate Scenarios

McGinnis: Data & QC: Archiving Upcoming Developments

Mearns: NARCCAP Third Users Meeting Welcome and Overview

Mearns: Overview of Climate Change Results

Montero-Martinez: Validation of Different NARCCAP RCMs in the Southern Part of the Domain

Murdock: Analysis of NARCCAP Results in the Pacific Northwest for Decision Making in the Upper Columbia Basin

Nunes: ECP2 RSM Overview for 3rd NARCCAP Users Meeting

Paul: Assessing Impact of Climate Change and Variability and on Crop Production in Ogallala Region Using Regional Climate Data

Qiao: Bias-Adjusted CRCM-CGCM3 Simulation and its Application in the SWAT Modeling of Lower Missouri River Basin

Sain: Uncertainty and Regional Climate Experiments

Snyder: RCM3 Overview

Various: 3rd NARCCAP Users Workshop Attendee Introductions


Anderson: Are Nonhydrostatic Dynamics Necessary in Climate Simulations of Midwest Convective Systems?

Barrie: The Impact of Anthropogenic Global Warming on the United States: Wind Resource Studies Using the NARCCAP Dataset

Bukovsky: Late 20th Century Temperature Trends in the NARCCAP Regional Model Simulations

Bukovsky: NARCCAP Regional Climate Model Simulations of the North American Monsoon

Bukovsky: Summertime in the NARCCAP Regional Climate Simulations

Chu: Impact Assessment of the Climate Change on Spatial Patterns of Precipitation in the Western United States

Forsee: Extreme Precipitation Intensities for a Range of Durations from NARCCAP Simulations

Gachari: Impact of Atmospheric Tides on Climate Models

Hammerling: Comparing and Blending Regional Climate Model Predictions for the American Southwest

Kabela: Downscaling Climate Change Information for Water Resource and Agricultural Interests in the Southeast United States

Kawazoe: Regional Extreme Daily Precipitation in NARCCAP Simulations

McGinnis: Effects of Spatial Interpolation Algorithm Choice on Regional Climate Model Data Analysis

Mearns: NARCCAP Overview and Sample Results

Rangwala: Mid 21st Century Warming in the Southern Colorado Rocky Mountains from NARCCAP Models

Sharp: Climate Change Impact Assessment for Surface Transportation int eh Pacific Northwest and Alaska

Shem: Validation of NARCCAP Climate Products for Forest Resource Applications in the Southeast United States

Wu: Projecting Future Extreme Precipitation Pattern in Ohio Using NARCCAP Regional Climate Models

Zhang: Comparing Joint Variable Spatial Downscaling Results with NARCCAP Datasets

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